Small Group Kit (Spanish)

Small Group Kit (Spanish)

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This KIT includes everything you need to teach CREATION Health in a small group setting. It is ideal for follow-up workshops once the CREATION Health Seminar is completed as well as a good resource for community outreach, churches, interactive classes and one-on-one teaching. It was designed to help set realistic goals and achieve positive habit changes.

The KIT includes:

Spanish CREATION Health Small Group Leader Guide. A step by step guide with everything you need to lead a small group (introductions, activities, questions and conclusions).

Spanish CREATION Health Small Group Discussion Guide. This guide is for the participant of the small group. It has questions about the videos, homework assignments and personal goal trackers. We recommend one discussion guide per individual participating.

DVD’s with a total of 9 videos; one introductory and one for each of the 8 CREATION Health principles. These videos play a key part on the small group discussions.