CREATION Life High School Textbook

CREATION Life High School Textbook

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CREATION Life Guide for Students with non-Apple devices.

CREATION Life isn’t another program or diet, and it doesn’t come with any outrageous claims or money-back guarantees (sorry, but if you’re looking for “rock-hard abs” in just six short weeks, you’d better look elsewhere). CREATION Life is a way of living — not just some good ideas of how to live, but a proven lifestyle that really works. Your lifestyle is a series of choices that are based on who you are and what you really want in life. The principles of CREATION Life may be as old as creation, but the principles are just as relevant and powerful today as they have ever been. 

The textbook is accompanied by the Teachers Resource Center — a website rich with supplemental resources, photos, and ideas, including a page to connect with others who are teaching the curriculum. To get access the Teachers Resource Center, contact CREATION Life at